Our Services

Our cloud meeting platform provides the following functions, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Team Meetings, Shared Documents and File Transfer, all designed to help you and your colleagues communicate smoothly.

Adepteo Connect sits within the Adepteo suite of services, all of which run on the Adepteo servers. All servers are managed, maintained and hosted by Adepteo. No third parties have access to your data.

Instant Messaging

  • Send Individual / Team messages
  • Create specific teams
  • Host team meetings
  • Transfer Files

Connect with other users world wide.

Video Conferences

  • All video conferences hosted on our secure servers
  • Share desktop view or any presentation
  • Facility to password protect meetings if desired
  • Dedicated dial in number for your company for phone only users
  • All data held in compliance with GDPR


  • Store all your documents in one secure location
  • Facility for users to have both individual and shared storage
  • Documents backed up securely
  • Restore from previous versions if necessary

Based upon the industry leading next cloud storage system.

Best Quality for you

Benefits of the cloud

Enables business collaboration

Connecting you with your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Enhanced security of your data

We take care of the storage and backup for you.

Access from any location

Available from any internet connection globally through a web browser.

Access from any device

Dedicated apps for Windows, Linux, Android and iPhones.

Scalability of storage

We worry about that for you, no hard disk changes required.

Disaster Recovery

Recovery in case of a disaster.